DEIF whistleblower

To a high degree, DEIF is founded on our values, and among others via our CSR work, we have clearly defined the boundaries of how to act internally at DEIF and externally in relation to our customers, suppliers and our business partners. If these basic boundaries are neglected, this may constitute a threat to DEIF. DEIF is therefore committed to provide a safe environment for our employees and our partners to report on any violations of laws, internal procedures or other which diminishes our values and integrity, without fears of retaliation. All reports are handled strictly confidential.

DEIF’s whistleblower system can only be applied to report significant matters. Less significant matters such as dissatisfaction with salary, customer complaints, interpersonal difficulties, dissatisfaction with prices, etc., cannot be reported via our whistleblower system.

Please refer to DEIF guidelines for whistleblower system for more information. (Download PDF)

Information on your e-mail is mandatory. Your identity will not be revealed to the person(s) mentioned in the report nor anyone else besides Legal Department.

When you push the button above, the information is sent to our Legal Department in an encrypted server.