ASC Brownfield Open Power Management and Hybrid News

What is this webinar about?

Discover how ASC can be used in brownfield projects with multiple solar and storage units.
Get the newest DEIF Hybrid feature and interface information.  

Join our free webinar to gain knowledge how to support for multiple ASC’s in Brownfield – Mix of Single controller and full PMS. You will learn about our new full flexible TCP/IP modbus configuration for PV installations, and gain insight about the new generic features and new PV, BESS support

Jacob Danielsen

 Jacob Danielsen

Product Manager, Hybrid & Wind

Educational background:
Bc. Sc. EE, Electronic Engineer

Experience: With +15 years of experience in DEIF working with Land power genset, Wind applications and the last 5 years Hybrid, he combines the knowledge of customer and market needs to delivering maximum green products and solutions.

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  • Multiple ASC’s in Brownfield – Open PMS
    • Mix PV and Storage as you like in brownfield
    • Open PMS applications
  • TCP/IP configuration on ASC 150/AGC 150 Hybrid
  • New product features
    • ASC 4 release 4.2x.0
    • ASC 150 and AGC 150 Hybrid release 1.1x.0
    • New interface protocols (PV, BESS, Power-meters)
  • Coming next!

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