DEIFs AWC 500 used in LHD tidal turbine

The LHD modularized large ocean tidal current energy generating unit is a demonstration project initiated by the Chinese national marine renewable energy centre and the government in 2013. It was approved for construction on 29 May, 2014, at an estimated cost of CNY 163.1 million. Four groups of tidal power generating units with a total installed capacity of 9.8MW (3.4MW (unit 1),4MW (unit 2), 1.6MW (unit 3) and 0.8MW (unit 4) were.

The modular generator – set to run at 3.4MW capacity at full scale – has been continuously supplying the Chinese electricity grid with clean power over the course of one year using two of the already installed turbines rated at 1MW total.

Installed in the beginning of 2016, and the turbines produced electricity for the first time that summer using tidal power as the source of energy. This was regarded the proof of concept verification of the platform-based modular approach of the LHD.

After the completion of grid-connection works, the Chinese electricity grid was first injected with power produced by the plant late in August, 2016.

The ‘one-year-on-grid’ milestone was reached on 25 May, 2018, on the island of Xiushan in China’s Zhejiang Province at a site that will come to host a total of seven turbines on the 70 metre long and 30 metre wide LHD’s modular tidal energy platform.

The project has generated over 800MWh of cumulative power since the summer 2016 – claiming a world record with one full year of continuous power export to the Chinese grid.

Two 300kW horizontal-axis turbines have being developed by LHD and planned to be tested on the platform in July 2018. Now, the turbines are being manufactured in a factory situated in the city of Dalian. 

The AWC 500 platform is based on the latest technologies and ensures maximum turbine availability. Using AWC 500 as the tidal turbine controller has turned out very successful and the customer is extremely satisfied.

Two tidal turbines share one controller. But the control algorithm is relatively independent. The AWC 500 controller calculates tow torque values which would send to two converters at the same time. So if one of turbines fails, the other still works could work still.

AWC 500 Tidal

A crucial part of the project, DEIF’s AWC 500 is the main controller of the tidal turbine system

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