Multi-line 2 Marine Application Software series 3.x.

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  • SWBD CONTROL for status text and event log made translateable.
  • Start+Sync can now tolerate a dip below OK level on the busbar.
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  • SWBD CONTROL for status text and event log made translateable.
  • Start+Sync can now tolerate a dip below OK level on the busbar.




  • Running hours shown correct on GPU/PPU-2 Modbus RS-485 / ProfiBus interface.




  • View text for DU-2 available for translation.



Version 3.12.2 based on 3.12.1


  • Modbus addresses for relay status on EF5-option not active.
  • PPU-2 protocol converter in PPU-3 not working for Profibus.




  • Log value disappears after power cycle on display.
  • Log did not appear in USW before the unit had been power- cycled.
  • Option M15.8MKII Delta alarms were not available on display.




New features:

  • Added menu 2800 where it is possible to disable power ramp functionality in fixed power regulator.


  • Axiomatic PGN 0xFEA7 source address has been changed into A0.


  • External I/O views will no longer toggle to zero at display. 
  • Improved update of TCP/IP Modbus data. TCP/IP Modbus is no longer slow when no display is connected to unit
  • MTU MDEC 2000/4000 M.302 and MDEC 2000/4000 M.303: False EIC alarms can under rare conditions occur. (option H5)




New features:

  • Add M-Logic signal: Waiting on spring loading
  • Added PGN FEA7 byte 0 and 1 to axiomatic
  • Added alarm for break open df (parameter 2623) and increased range to 10.0 Hz


  • Added possibility to change TSC1 source address for J1939 protocols.
  • EIC measure alarms inhibit during EIC communication fail.
  • Frozen reading input on external I/O module.
  • The slip-frequency comparison to sync parameters improved. Ensures that two equal frequencies can be synchronised together.
  • kWh day, week, month could not reset if it was powered down when passing 00:00.
  • The state of relay 69 and 71 when using option EF4 will now be detected correctly.
  • Ext. Comm. Protocol Version (parameter 7514) was not available on H3.
  • Ext. Comm. Protocol Version (parameter 7514) submenu text corrected to GPU/PPU-2.
  • When using GPU/PPU-2 Modbus, only 78 addresses could be read.
  • Modbus address 1068/1069/1070 duplicated to 1056/1057/1058.
  • When using GPU/PPU-2 Comm. Modbus, the voltage could not be read.
  • A position failure alarm could also trigger a close failure alarm.
  • Hz/V OK (parameter 6221) timer corrected to 0 sec.



New features:

  • Added view lines for BTB A – D positions.
  • Added memory backup function.
  • Added genset not asynchronous alarm.
  • Added menu for TCP/IP settings 7900, 7910 and 7920.
  • Added software download via TCP/IP (bootloader version 1.03.0 or newer required).
  • Added troubleshooting CAN bus connection on jump menu 9250.
  • Added permissions possibility in USW.
  • Added clear log possibility in USW.
  • Added parameter-edited flag possibility in USW.
  • Added possibility to change between BB nominal settings 1 or 2.
  • Added ramp speed 2.
  • Added auto ramp speed selection.
  • Added droop active M-Logic events
  • Added ramp speed activation M-Logic commands.
  • Added Option H13: MTU ADEC Module 501.
  • Updated to latest engine protocol/module incl. MTU Smart connect.
  • Expanded delta analogue input list to include exhaust temp. left/right.
  • Added support of Axiomatic interface (M4 Prot. version 1.01.0 or newer required)
  • Added CAN line selection at menu 7840
  • Added view for external set point.
  • Regulator LED will turn yellow if regulation output is not set.
  • Expanded delta analogue input list to include EIC T. Exhaust.
  • Added BTB deload.
  • Added frequency detection parameter for running detection.
  • Added easy change between Metric/US units at menu 6920.
  • Added “CAN1 comm error” and “CAN2 comm error” to M-Logic.
  • Added Inhibit of MTU shutdown override
  • Added MTU speed demand switches.
  • Added VOLT/FREQ NOT OK info text.
  • Added PPU-2 Modbus Compatibility Mode via menu 7514 (Option H2)


  • Removed menu 2280 and 2290 from PPU-3.
  • Removed ethernet fail menu.
  • Increased event log size to 500.
  • Increased alarm log size to 500.
  • Increased virtual event on M-logic to 42.
  • Increased TCP/IP refresh rate.
  • Changed shutdown override to be a part of inhibit.
  • Improved precision of analogue inputs to be within class 1.0.
  • All P/Q/cos phi droop types will now use the present value at droop start as reference point of the droop.
  • Power droop slopes are now scaled based on the droop start reference point as a percentage of the nominal power.
  • Q-droop limits are now ranging from -20000 to 20000.
  • Scaling range has been changed from 1 kV–75 kV into 0.4 kV–75 kV
  • Changed status text MANUAL to NO REGULATION if start sync/ctrl is not set and a GOV/AVR mode is selected.
  • Frequency set point from Modbus or analogue input accepted regardless of the GB state.
  • Support of ADEC CANopen, shutdown override.
  • When M-Logic cool down threshold is selected, it will be used although the parameter is 0
  • Cool down threshold will be ignored if used together with a multi-input and it has wire fail. 


  • Strange characters in text could appear when read from Option N.
  • M-Logic could be evaluated wrongly.
  • Adjustment of clock from display did not work.
  • Service timer days did not adjust when date was set from display.
  • Moved digital inputs on Modbus.
  • Updated M-Logic alarm list with "Ext. comm error".
  • Single phase PF measurement could show a PF higher than 1.00
  • S L1, S L2 and S L3 did not update on Modbus.
  • Mains sync inhibit protections was inaccurate.
  • Asynchronous generator stop did not work.
  • EI Comm. error was constantly activated for the Caterpillar protocol.
  • Vector mismatch did not work with single and split-phase measurements when sync. time was longer than the timer set point of the alarm.
  • M4 with H7 could have an abnormal update on the CAN bus.
  • VDO renamed to RMI.
  • Wrong DM1 alarm could appear on the display.
  • External I/O: Analogue input scaling and unit were configured incorrectly at start-up and when engineering unit was changed.
  • Menu 9000 handling did not work properly. 
  • Scania start/stop did not work on H7.
  • M4 multi-input went high when nothing was connected.
  • Battery voltage on MDEC 302/303 protocols was a factor 0.1 wrong.
  • Alarm “AL Speed Demand Failure” was always present when connected to MTU 1600 series engines with a SMART CONNECT module.
  • CAN-line faults could make the display very slow.
  • Positive/negative/zero sequence was not able to handle short circuit and open conductors on all phases.
  • Change of engine communication protocol could cause the texts in a parameter file to get corrupt.
  • The scaling in frequency-dependent power droop and power offsets was wrong.
  • The text for CAN id missing referred to CAN2 when CAN1 was used.
  • Change of voltage scaling did not update in USW when Option N was used.
  • GOV and AVR mode undef. Modbus alarm bits did not update when alarm was present.
  • A unit alone on an analogue load share line with P load share select with ramp up enabled could ramp up to random value.
  • When an offset for running hours was added, it was not shown correctly on the display.
  • Reinitialise of CAN on single CAN card could cause the communication to stop.
  • Idle run could cause external start not to work.
  • Change of multi-input decimals or unit could cause a wrong display value.
  • EIC alarms used as a low alarms would appear when the CAN communication was lost.
  • The unit could get stuck ramp-up mod and never reaching its ramp up set point.
  • Update for analogue load share line was only done once in each scan.
  • Scaling menu 12000 for Beckhoff 3022 module was lost after power off.
  • CAN line could not restore after a short circuit



This software applies to the following DEIF products:

  • Multi-line 2 - PPU v.3.xx Marine
  • Multi-line 2 - GPU v.3.xx Marine


  • Parameter configuration attributes: Auto acknowledge is never set to "ON" by default
  • "Clear log" no longer possible from USW




  • SMS/E-mail alarm functionality corrected (Option N).
  • “Remote start and close GB" and "Remote open GB and stop" functionalities have been corrected.
  • Different alarm fail classes can now be selected for analogue input 95 (menu 4060).
  • Stop-coil wire break alarm can now be enabled through USW.
  • Corrected support to MTU engine (SAM module) via J1939 protocol.
  • Update of energy reading and correction of display reading in regard to different scaling settings.




  • Update of self-check functionality
  • Idle run were missing in emulation
  • Idle run activation through digital input and reactivation after stop button functions have been corrected.




  • No alarm was displayed when horn, siren or common alarm were combined.
  • Hz/V ok is lost during synchronisation, the synchronisation is aborted regardless of fault class.
  • After flashing new application software, the unit started up in Remote. This is changed to Local.
  • Stop coil did not activate when start sequence was aborted.




  • "Wrong password" is displayed in secondary display at a correct password.
  • RPM control (for asynchronous generator) using relay outputs; parameter set by user not utilised.
  • TCP/IP Modbus reading of enable bit incorrect.
  • TCP/IP Modbus control registers not updated.
  • Theoretically, AVR reactive power regulator can be wrong.
  • Q can be forced into overflow in Q(P) protection.
  • Start enable has to be energised to activate the regulation.
  • Inverse over-current protection modified to better comply with IEC 60255 Part 151. For further information, see the designer's reference handbook.
  • Parameter 1083 TMS inverse over-current, TMS changed from 1/10 to 1/100.
  • BTB position is not communicated over the CAN line. Alarm added if only one feedback is used.
  • BTB position fail parameter numbers differ from parameter list and H2 manual.
  • Navigation in menu 9140 is incorrect.
  • Wrong Modbus alarm on M15.
  • Phase/neutral and phase/phase measuring mixed up when used for detection.
  • P-loadshare EXT with CANshare cannot be enabled from M-Logic.
  • SWBD mode did not work with option M4.
  • TCP/IP could cause the unit to reboot.
  • Power ramp-up set point calculation was incorrect.
  • Virtual event 1-16 missing on Modbus address 62 and virtual event 17-32 on address 63.
  • Reset of H8 analogue input parameters at power-up of unit.
  • Inhibit of Modbus command through M-Logic was not working.
  • The reactive power is wrong when the phase rotation is L1L3L2.
  • Issue when requesting "Remote GB OFF + stop" right after a "Remote start + GB ON" command.
  • Parameters 1201 + 1202 should not be present if 3-phase is configured.
  • EIC protocol change could cause the unit to reboot.
  • EIC Exhaust temperature left/right is missing in menu 460x and 467x.
  • Automatic update of jump menu-related parameters when reading through TCP/IP.
  • Multi-input in binary mode is now represented on I/O page in USW when reading through TCP/IP.
  • Now stopping GOV/AVR relays from regulating after the GB is closed



  • Initial release of special Marine approved ML-2 SW




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