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New features:

  • CODESYS R14 package


  • Corrected Tag scaling issues
  • Corrected project crashing when upgrading from previous version
  • Corrected errors in Custom field 1 when exporting Alarm lists
  • Corrected missing Webkit plugin
  • Corrected accept NTP request settings
  • Corrected white color (255,255,255) not working on shape line widget
  • Corrected the ability to delete multiple tags in Tag editor without crashing
  • Corrected the functionality to Write of IDs and IP in Beckhoff ADS protocol in Runtime
  • Corrected the ability to open page in an uploaded project before saving
  • Numerous minor corrections
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New features:

  • CODESYS R14 package


  • Corrected Tag scaling issues
  • Corrected project crashing when upgrading from previous version
  • Corrected errors in Custom field 1 when exporting Alarm lists
  • Corrected missing Webkit plugin
  • Corrected accept NTP request settings
  • Corrected white color (255,255,255) not working on shape line widget
  • Corrected the ability to delete multiple tags in Tag editor without crashing
  • Corrected the functionality to Write of IDs and IP in Beckhoff ADS protocol in Runtime
  • Corrected the ability to open page in an uploaded project before saving
  • Numerous minor corrections


The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:

New features:

  • MQTT gateway for standard cloud services (Amazon, Azure, others)
  • Unified project design 
  • Unified design: Project Validator 
  • Project View refactor 
  • Regional settings as project properties 
  • Live Tag for labels, message, alarm description 
  • TargetZoomFactor with an option to work as Fit to screen size 
  • Table group widget sorting 
  • Added "Dynamic" path for all macros related to Dump or Restore 
  • Alarm Export - Include multilanguage support for Custom Fields 
  • Float Tag data into alarm description, visualization management  
  • Added support for reading panel serial number using SysTarget Library command 
  • Support for audit table format in print reports
  • Support of graphs trends in print reports 
  • Trends table support in print reports 
  • XY Graph support in print reports 
  • Support for new Active Alarms table format in print reports 
  • Support for new History Alarms table format in print reports 
  • Support for generic tables in print reports 
  • Import of dbc file into the Tags (CAN Direct or J1939) 
  • [BACN] BACnet server 
  • [ETIP] Added Omron NX series to EtherNet/IP PLC models 
  • Added ARCSIN, ARCCOS, ARCTAN to the default functions for Formula feature 
  • Password Parameter includes the option to have lower and upper case 
  • Option to make users inactive 
  • Protection of Tags in R/W based on user management configuration 
  • Increased number of active users from 50 to 200/500 
  • Increased sampling rate up to 0.1s for trends and datalogs 
  • Provided an option to play video from USB Memory or SD Card - Case ID: 201404845 
  • End of AGI Creator support Windows XP


  • Keyboard buttons long pressure execute action, configured into onRelease event 
  • Corrected wrong dialogs position on show dialog action 
  • Action "CloseDialog" executed in ScreenSaver onStart restart the ScreenSaver timer 
  • Alarm/Event Archive saves a copy in .csv file when buffer is full 
  • Corrected Alarm Editor Index of Array Tag from disappearing when project is converted 
  • Corrected AGI Client not activating Tags when connecting from remote via VPN 
  • Correcetd tag deletion leading to an inability to select any AGI Creator part when the properties pane is floating 
  • Corrected AGI Runtime crashes when using BACnet application
  • Corrected AGI Runtime crashes when loading a project with many pages in pre-cache 
  • Corrected sending multiple mails with empty text causing bad chars to be displayed in HMI 
  • Corrected crash of the panel caused by dialogs 
  • Corrected AGI Runtime crash with when broken context in the formula
  • Language to use inside the .csv file generated from the DumpEventArchive macro
  • Corrected security settings are not applied for OnDataUpdate programmed actions
  • Corrected accessing a remote folder using a password with uppercase is not working
  • Corrected consumption meter not scaling a value in graph  
  • Corrected wrong dump file name after enabling scheduler from widget
  • Corrected Dump Trend including quality information if not required when launched from Scheduler 
  • Corrected license activation return error message if BIOS ID is empty
  • Corrected content of csv exported file being inconsistent with what displayed into Multilanguage editor for custom widgets labels
  • Corrected AGI Creator crashing when undoing the customized widget with a specific project
  • Corrected Tags Cross Reference showing system variables as invalid if project has been converted from previous versions
  • Corrected panel reporting "Flash memory does not have enough space to save project data..." when recipes are defined and erased in the project
  • Corrected BACnet alarms and scheduler not working correctly in AGI Creator Client 
  • Corrected gestures in trend widget that were not working well in portrait mode
  • Corrected AGI Creator not detecting if a Tag/parameter is used more times in a formula 
  • Corrected NOT Formula not working if applied to bit of Short tag 
  • Corrected security not supported by inner objects of table widget 
  • Corrected security settings not being applied for OnDataUpdate programmed actions 
  • Corrected it not being possible to execute action after signature dialog is closed


New features:

  • Extend gesture area widget with the possibility to execute one-shot actions on new events.
  • Background colour for alarm widgets.
  • Table Alarm widget optimization.
  • CODESYS fastboot.
  • Logging of the license status of all CODESYS modules.
  • Provide the "attach to tag" to buzzer properties inside project widget.
  • Fit to screen size.
  • Add Keyboard functionalities also in Dialog pages.
  • Add JavaScript debugger support for custom widget modules.
  • Add project.log (message) API to write into runtime console log.
  • Web: Possibility to change alarms font.
  • Web: Add SetTrendView (Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, Ymax).
  • Web: Password ageing/expire functionality.
  • Web: Possibility to define the range of values in ColorPalette.
  • Possibility to cleanup Unused Tags.
  • Add cross reference for all type of data sources (via System variable, Recipes, Alias).
  • Save HMI IP address as part of project files.
  • HMI Client for panels (Linux HMIs only).
  • Password ageing/expire functionality.
  • Add specific user permissions for Web access and Windows Client access.
  • Allow attach to tag for custom widget parameters.
  • Table widget support for Alarm history.
  • Convert pages from web to native and back.
  • Expose VNC server start/stop/state in system variables/services.
  • Tags find and replace.
  • Tags find and rename.
  • Extend trends to save a copy when full in csv format.
  • Table widget support for Trends - Case ID.
  • Video player support for Linux platforms.
  • HTTPs support for browser widget.


  • Alarm history widget does not show correct groups.
  • Wrong ack notify tag on alarm setting after delete alarms.bin file.
  • Unable to activate iPLC3  if panel is connected to the network with Ethernet interface different from eth0.
  • [iPLC3] HMI reboot when CODESYS project stays in stop for some time.
  • Decimal values are not written if Index tag is a float.
  • Manage Data Transfer between tags with different data types.
  • Tag read when set as destination tag of Data Transfer executed on trigger.
  • Retentive memory behavior differs between Ethernet download and use of update package.
  • Parameter does not maintain name if it starts with number.
  • Live Tags in alarm description is updated once when triggered and not again.
  • Panel CPU stuck at 100% when a dialog page is opened, causing very slow reaction of the system.
  • Some buttons defined in template page are not working in customer projects.
  • Touch events are not working on system windows opened from AGI Runtime PC running on Windows 10.
  • Customer projects show missing images and then reboots after VNC connection.
  • Panel Pc numeric keyboard on a dialog page writes numbers twice.
  • Fixed widget gallery behavior if using two monitors with specific settings.
  • Searching text in JavaScript, delete last text modify.
  • Support also UTF-8 in JavaScript instruction "fs.readFile".
  • Fixed behavior of generic Tag import/export.
  • Fixed Studio behavior in Real Time Trend, attach a Date Time combo widget to the Page Duration property.
  • Improve gestures on PDF viewer.
  • Missing columns in Alarms Report widget.
  • [OPCU] Tag import is not working with Matrikon OPC UA Gateway using security.
  • [J193] DataTransfer from retentive system variable to J1939 variable is not executed on startup.
  • [ETIP] Tag importer does not create string array element tag for boolean array. 
  • [CDS3] Slowness of first access to CODESYS variables.
  • [OPCU] Tags browse becomes progressively slow when there is a big amount of tags to be imported.
  • [iPLC3] [CDS3] When Enabling or Disabling PLCM09 network, CODESYS v3 gets a communication error.
  • [BEAD] Communication problem if array tag is used instead of single array element.
  • ChangePassword User Management page error message not cleared after wrong inserted password.


New features:

  • Swap8 conversion for 64bit data type tag
  • Enable use of https protocols in web
  • [S7ET] Add support for S7-200 SMART


  • Static optimisation not working with specific's project
  • BadInternalError message shown in logger window even if there is no communication error
  • Unable to retrieve parameter value from JS despite the online help suggests to use getProperty
  • Properties of widget converted to logic-widget are lost
  • Wrong background-colour for an alarm when state is "Triggered Acked"
  • DataLink is modified by Creator when edited
  • No communication between CDS3 and PLC if it has autoIP plus DHCP assigned IP
  • Screen Saver feature doesn't work if CODESYS v3 PLC is activated on HMI
  • Alarm history widget listing only default buffer if both history widget with different buffers is in single page
  • Missing graphical part for objects in page
  • Translation of Macro Action Names missing in (DE/ZH/FR)
  • Wrong text properties
  • [S7ET] Wrong offset applied to tags of nested structures
  • [S7ET] Tags of specific's STEP7 project not properly imported
  • Allow to disable the pop-up warning message when panel's date&time modification is more than -1 minute
  • Tag attached to group visibility not always read correcly by widget
  • [CAND][J193] Add datagram reading to allow fast data update
  • [ETIP] Communication issue when more than one Linux HMI connects to an A-B PLC
  • [CDS3] Comunication error using IP on Linux panels when Ethernet cable is disconnected
  • [CDS3] Unable to resolve node address when default gateway is not set
  • Creator crashes when pressing "TAB" key in multilanguage text editor
  • Credentials are not reset after pressing Back from SwitchUser page
  • Trend project getting Js error with 2.6 build while loading in browser
  • Trend widget not working in Web
  • Touch button remains in maintained stated after disabled/enabled visibility
  • Specific project prints blank pdf files
  • Waiting for CODESYS to close message returned when updating panel via USB on WCE platforms
  • Mis-alignment of Alarm History widget time in Client when Time on panel is set manually
  • [S7ET] Wrong offset applied to consecutive array tags
  • Canvas onMousePress event not working on UN65 panels
  • Strange static optimisation behaviour
  • Table widget refresh issue when used on template pages
  • "label" of button connected to a TabledataSrcWgt col is not working
  • Logout action takes 1 minute on UN30
  • Runtime crashes if download project when Text editor Save/open file dialogue is open
  • Runtime crash using Text Editor widget after project download
  • Project Manager and message dialogue on PC Runtime do not work using touchscreen
  • Keypad no more shown after multiple data entries
  • It is not possible to open a particular specific's Creator projects, without Creator crashing
  • No permissions in changing language into login page
  • Virtual Commissioning - import Tags
  • LaunchApplication not working on PC Runtime when activated by an alarm or schedule
  • Creator intermittent crash doing group/ungroup i
  • [MODT] Protocol optimisation should not be applied on Node Override IP
  • Copy/Paste stops working
  • DateTime widget on web writes wrong value
  • Button release not executed if page change occurs after button press
  • Tag not reset after Momentary Button is pressed to Set it and change page
  • "Widget conflict" warning message when adding widgets to specific's project
  • [MIFX] Intermittent does not ask for Tags when executed in runtime
  • Various protocols: fix optimisation of tags with BIT data type
  • Various protocols: add Extend function to check if a tag is System Tag
  • Extend JS read/write file from network path protected  by network credential
  • Alarms are not displayed properly in the Alarm History widget
  • Memory leak with specific project
  • WEB, data entry on grouped objects works but does not show any feedback
  • [J193] Data transfer during data never received error can cause continuous transfers
  • Alarm Colours do not work in History Alarm Widget.
  • Wrong offset in case of tags after a STRUCT
  • Install runtime reports wrong info that MD5 check failed transfer aborted ...
  • Memory leak due to communication error
  • Widgets shown wrong text when taken from user gallery to page due to duplicated widget name
  • Widgets in web page show warning icon (data not yet available) at first page load
  • Web trend refresh issue
  • Tag name with , and ; char not working in alarms action
  • Time data type not supported in Web
  • Choose time spec for text report printing
  • Web - Alarm Colors do not work in History Alarm Widget.
  • Add Font Antialiasing property to complex widgets
  • Min Y and Max Y properties of trend widget not working on Web
  • Creator crashes after save all specific project
  • Creator crash when editing custom widget
  • Runtime crashes when we pass the out of index value to current selected row in table widget
  • Runtime crash in Table widget when tag attached in row
  • [OMRE] Implement user configurable protocol timeout in Omron Fins ETH
  • Text Editor save file button is enabled only if we select existing file
  • Scheduler with actions on Tag stop working if table wgt is in a page (with noCache="1")
  • Creator crashes when try to delete a row from TableDatasource widget if a tag is attached in that row
  • Embedded javascript in custom widget does not execute if some blank row is present
  • Creator crash with undo/redo after adding a row/column in Grid Layout
  • [ETIP] Does not import some tags in linear mode
  • Double-clicking on column header in table widget causes Creator crash..
  • [S7ET][MPOB] Add array data type on Internal Memory for protocols in subject (TP)
  • Web - Recipe widget works fine with Chrome, Mozilla BUT NOT with IE
  • Creator crashes on custom widget gallery page rename
  • Creator crashes with Undo after lock and unlock of a custom widget
  • Control List buttons are not working after changing the widget Id
  • FileName parameter of DumpEventArchive action configured in scheduler not saved
  • Creator crashes if deleting last child widget from a custom widget
  • The parameter SELECTED is not working for action AckAlarm, ResetAlarm and EnableAlarm
  • [MPOB][S7DP] Correct maximum subindex offset size for Input and Output memories type
  • Copy/Paste of widgets should maintain same security settings
  • Custom widgets modules and inheritance/fixed few minor bugs
  • Structured tags not working with button widget
  • [MODS] Wrong recovery after spurious data receiving
  • [PING] small improvements on protocol gui
  • [CDSE][CDSY][ABCE][ABCS] Runtime crash after PLC project download
  • Wrong behavior of Creator tags check at project load
  • [iPLC3] CODESYS package with all device versions
  • Creator crashes on double-clicking table widget
  • Parameter not working for General Properties of widgets...
  • Table widget: foreground colour on selected row is not working well
  • Creator gets crash while changing the background colour of grid layout
  • Crash in CANH protocol on project download
  • Custom widget not working after project conversion
  • Not able to load web project in Mozilla firefox and returns error
  • Creator Opacity not maintained when visibility set as false in group widget
  • Attached Param Property is removed if we open and close the custom widget dialogue
  • Restrict to add  param properties with the same id in customised widget
  • Field attach to another legacy custom widget is not working
  • Node Offline Management: filter protocol errors and activate OFFLINE status only for real TIMEOUT or DISCONNECT errors
  • Crash in undo after action with tag
  • Runtime crash with example project
  • Duplicate licenses/issues on license activation
  • Password in simulation cannot accept the credentials
  • CODESYS 3: Managing dynamic licenses for TargetVisu and Webvisu
  • [PING] possible error in time interval measuring. Avoid usage of "gettimeofday"
  • Creator crashes on Undo after attaching tag in Text Editor action.
  • Introduce a simple way to enable licenses into hmis without the need to install runtime to the target (Linux only)
  • Hierarchical structure of tags into "Attach to" window modified to linear after protocol's parameters edit
  • Simulator gets crash while switch online and offline with multiple times in Win10
  • Taglocator removed when user edit protocol's properties
  • Imported Protocols - Write Tag on Array triggers double write operation
  • [S7ET][MPOB][S7DP] S7ET protocol return error message "memtype/datatype combination" when reading bool tag from a DB/array of boolean are not allowed
  • Font changes for the label widget defined inside table widget
  • Saving the project when creating new tags
  • CODESYS runtime is not managing the RemoteTargetVisu license bit.
  • Hide not supported widget PTZ controls from Jm4web gallery
  • Creator crashes while dragging multiple widgets inside table widget
  • [MODT] Communication issues with specific project
  • Web show error message when the value NaN is retrieved from getTag function
  • SVG image is not correctly represented in Creator if used into a multistate image
  • [ETIP] Override for Slot Number
  • New VNC server on panels
  • [ABDH] Counter and Timer not read correctly
  • [ABDH] Protocol doesn't close connection after project unload
  • [ABDH] Input and Ouput not imported
  • [ABDF][FACO][HISE][KOYO][MAF1][MIFX][OMRF][S7PP] Prevent "Protocol doesn't close connection after project unload"


New features:

  • AGI Creator supports French language
  • OPC UA server 
  • Gestures & Multitouch support
  • Support for 24 bit (16M) Colors
  • Set and change "Alarm widget" and "Alarm History Widget" Background colour
  • User Action on selected alarm
  • Allow users to specify path of an update package
  • Added attach tag in all fields of e-mail server configuration
  • Trend widget supports web pages
  • Calendar Keypad for DateTime widget
  • Time Keypad DateTime widget
  • New IP widget, to control AGI system IP setting
  • New grid and table widgets
  • PC Runtime supporting up to 10K alarms, 10K tags
  • Delete items in Creator from Object View pressing Delete char
  • Enable Attach to... in Label widget +Gauge: Min,Max and num
  • Enable attach to...  in Scale widget: Min, Max and alarm color
  • Read/Write attribute visible on Property pane
  • Add support to 64bit data type
  • HMI FTP Client support


  • Read/write setting on attached TAGS solved
  • Show all option in alarm history widget


New features:

  • Include CODESYS V3 v3.5.7
  • Notify user when dump actions failed


  • Keypad problems on Login page if ScreenSaver is enabled
  • Tag is changed from Read Only to Read Write by the system
  • Runtime crash when wrong username is typed inside Client application


New features:

  • J1939 communication protocol (CanOpen accessory add-on module).
  • Support of Codesys V3 logical programing language via license key only (accessory).
  • PLC communication protocols added.
  • Import/Export of TAGS to XML file including all columns (scaling).
  • Import/Export of Alarms to XML including all columns.
  • Custom widgets placeholder with import/export. Supports DEIF DNA graphics.
  • Alarm trigger option -min/max limits.
  • Retentive memory in system protocols.
  • Chinese language – application and help file.
  • German language – application.


  • Re-designed “Attach too” windows with faster access to all parameters.
  • Updated Trend widgets, with improved csv dump format with more data.
  • Improved AGI Runtime performance – 20% speed improvement.




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