ASC 150 Storage and Solar – New product release!

Discover the hybrid flexibility and scalability by the new ASC 150. Building a hybrid plant or adding sustainable assets to an existing plant, the new controller will enable anyone, to do highly complex microgrid controls with standard features and parameters.

Join our free webinar to gain insight on how ASC 150 Storage and Solar, can be used in Hybrid and microgrid projects both as single controller setup for brownfield and in power management setup for greenfield. 


  • ASC 150 new member of a big family
  • ASC 150 Storage
  • ASC 150 Solar
  • ASC use and features
  • ASC 4 vs ASC 150 

Presenter name and Description:

Jacob Danielsen is Product Manager for the Hybrid and Wind segments. With +15 years of experience in DEIF, working the last 5 years in Hybrid, he combines the knowledge of customer and market needs to deliver maximum green products and solutions.