From diesel generator applications to battery controllers, from disaster relief to music festivals, from busy cities to remote off-grid locations – with DEIF, you get flexible, reliable, and easy asset control that helps you evolve with the market.

No two rental jobs are ever exactly the same, and this diversity can be a challenge for busy rental companies. DEIF helps you attain the necessary flexibility with our complete range of reliable, user-friendly, and connected control devices – and with expert support that helps you maximise the utilisation of your assets.

Get the support you need

Reconfiguring your DEIF device is often simply a question of changing a couple of parameters, but if you need more assistance, look no further: You can get product support by phone or e-mail and access free support resources such as application guides round the clock on And we offer a wide range of training courses that help you design and operate rental power solutions that meet your requirements.

Built to last, and tested to make sure

With DEIF devices, you can rest assured that your rental fleet will keep running round the clock for years. At our in-house test lab, dedicated staff check that our products can handle even extreme operating conditions. The test centre helps us ensure that our products comply with all necessary requirements and approvals – but most importantly that you can trust your DEIF products to perform when you need them to.

Check out the application examples below to see some of the possibilities you get with DEIF expertise and devices.

Get an introduction to our rental power control solutions

Flexible control for any energy source

Our controllers enable you to manage and combine any energy source, from diesel generators and fuel cells to ESS units, mains power, and PV panels, and with full power and energy management and load sharing. You can control your assets locally and remotely with user-friendly displays and our remote monitoring solution – and you can design the complete control solution you need with devices such as voltage controllers, battery chargers, and more. 

DEIF helps Power Solutions provide reliable power in extreme conditions

If something goes wrong with a generator controller deep in the jungle, fast answers are needed. “We’re not going to wait until we receive an answer by email,” says Ivan Meeus of Power Solutions. With DEIF, his company is getting the devices, support, and flexibility it needs to operate in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

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