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A PSM 3.2 power supply module is installed in each extension rack to provides power to all the hardware modules in the extension rack. It communicates with the primary controller rack and other extension racks through the use of the dedicated DEIF internal communication ports.

The extension rack status and alarms activate the PSM's three relay outputs. There are two ports for internal communication with the main controller. PSM3.2 manages the hardware module self-checks for the rack and includes a power LED. The power supply terminals include circuit protection against load dump transients and JEM177 surge transients (rugged design). These terminals also include battery voltage measurement.

Physical connections

  • Supply
    • 12 or 24V DC Power supply and frame ground
  • 3 x Relays outputs 
    • 30V DC, 1A
    • 1 × Status OK (fixed), and 2 × configurable
  • 2 x RJ45 
    • DEIF internal communications ports 


  • The power supply inputs are internally protected by a 12 A fuse (not replaceable) (fuse size determined by load dump requirements).

Supply voltage low alarm

  • The alarm is activated when the power supply voltage is less than the setpoint for the delay time.

Supply voltage high alarm

  • The alarm is activated when the power supply voltage exceeds the set point for the delay time.

Power supply voltage as an analogue output

  • You can configure an analogue output with a function for the power supply voltage. The controller then adjusts the analogue output to reflect the operating value.