Fast, simple and multi-functional, the programmable MTR-4P protection relay offers up to 13 different protection functions in six different logical categories: Voltage, current, frequency, asymmetry, load and loss of Mains (LoM). Simultaneously, the MTR-4P can be used as a dedicated measuring point reachable by communication and capable of measuring and calculating more than 50 parameters such as AC voltage, AC current, active/reactive apparent power, power factor, frequency, kWh, kvar, THD, dynamic and maximum demands.

MTR-4P is designed for use as a stand-alone protection and measuring unit or as component in large application solutions on single-phase or three-phase electrical power networks that require marine approval.

Featuring a universal power supply, the MTR-4P withstands high AC voltage inputs of up to 1000 V L-L and currents of up to 20 A. The typical response time less than 50 ms, from error occurs to trip. This makes the MTR-4P flexible and easy to install in new buildings, as replacement in retrofit projects, or even as a flexible spare part. Simply connect a USB 2.0 interface for fast and easy configuration of all setting parameters and outputs.



  • Relay output: 1


  • Relay output: 2


  • Relay output: 4

  • RS-485: X


Type Item number
MTR-4P-105 1200510030
MTR-4P-205 1200510031
MTR-4P-415 1200510032
  • Up to 1,000 V L-L AC voltage input
  • Up to 20 A AC current input
  • Accuracy class: 0.5
  • Password protection
  • Trip time typically below 50 ms
  • Two-stage trip setting
  • Start-up delay
  • 13 different protection functions
  • RS-485 serial Modbus communication
  • Fast and simple commissioning and setup from M-set
  • Universal power supply of 19 to 300 V DC/40 to 276 V AC
  • Marine approval by GL/DNV


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