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Buy a controller and get a free sample of our new power supply

We have launched a new series of compact, reliable, and easy-to-install power supplies and we are so excited about this new high-quality product that we would like to offer you a free sample.

Until 23 October 2020 you get a sample on a compatible power supply for free with every DEIF controller* or HMI you buy**.

The compact design and the limited heat generation means that the power supply only takes up limited space in the panel. The power supply features a power boost function that gives up to 150% boost in current and will help ensure the start of difficult loads. The function can boost current for up to 10 seconds.

The power supplies are coated and designed for use in an environment with harsh conditions like high humidity and high operating temperature. Marine approvals make the power supplies suitable for applications at sea. For critical applications that require absolute zero downtime, DEIF also offers redundancy units at 10 and 20 A.


*PPU-3, PPM-3, GPU 300, PPU 300, PPM 300, and AGI 400.
** Maximum 5 power supplies samples per customer.

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