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5 to 7 December 2017

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Booth no.: 8427 Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States

Want to see what the future has in store for you? Come meet DEIF at this year’s PGI!

We’re launching our new all-in-one gas controller unit, GPC 300 Gas, with integrated CODESYS, eliminating the need for PLC’s. Part of a revolutionary new controller platform, the GPC is just the first of a range of solutions packed with functionality that will ease work and reduce costs from day one. Go down waiting for everyone else to join in or be a first mover and step into the future with DEIF.

At the show, we’ll reveal how you can improve your power efficiency using our innovative, remotely monitored and environmentally friendly control technology. Our retrofitting and new build solutions are ideal for hybrid microgrids, IPP plants, rental sites and mission-critical facilities such as data centres.

Altogether, we call it: POWER EFFICIENCY.

On Show at PGI

New: Power technology is about to change!

Drop by and see the new GPC 300! This all-in-one gas controller with integrated CODESYS eliminates the need for PLCs. Cut your costs, increase flexibility and simplify daily operations. The GPC 300 is part of DEIF’s new Multi-line 300 platform.

Complete with built-in troubleshooting and fuel-efficient technology, all platform units are based on a versatile and modular base-mounted hardware platform developed for all levels of control solutions: from simple stand-alone engine control to complex and engineered power management systems. Using advanced processor technology, ML 300 units feature redundant high speed internal communication lines capable of handling protection functions at record speeds. Adapting to your application automatically, the quality controller range equals user-friendly operation and supports DEIF’s hallmarks of green, safe and reliable performance.

Hybrid microgrids: First-mover in modular power control solutions for any operation mode

A reliable, fully integrated and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller solution, the ASC, is a new, market-leading solution for the industry. 

DEIF ASC is scalable, flexible and modular, supporting multiple operating modes including Off-grid, Grid-tied, and Combination (Off-grid/Grid-tied), and interfaces to a wide range of sustainable power sources, including PV inverters, battery inverters, wind turbines, and even weather stations from well-known makers using industrial standard/OEM specific protocols.

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Critical power: Protect your assets from power blackouts

We design and integrate Power Management Systems with unique standby capacities and can deliver record start-up from an impressive six seconds for multiple gensets in parallel, redundant control systems, or even an entire redundant power plant.

Drop by to learn how DEIF counters this with fully automatic and redundant critical power managament solutions.

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Rental: Control at the push of a button

Come learn how you can avoid losing time when shifting from one application to another!

DEIF controllers are plug & play solutions that eliminate the need for wiring and the need to change controllers when changing applications: it’s all done and dusted with the push of a button. With password protection and locks, installation is so safe and simple you can trust your driver to setup your rental equipment.

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Looking forward to hopefully seeing you DEIF’s booth 8427, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to book a meeting at, or see our detailed product presentations and technical documentation.

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