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Monitor & Analyse Your Power System

Measuring energy, power, and power quality, including THD and unequal phase loads, the MIC-2 MKII logs data from single low voltage to multiple high voltage applications. The versatile and sturdy unit comes in two variants. The MIC-2 MKII is fitted with a large LCD screen for display of readings. The MIC-2 MKII DIN transfers readings via Modbus or Profibus communication to your SCADA system, and is fitted for mounting directly on a DIN rail.

Fitted with the Ethernet TCP/IP module, both units offer direct access to Modbus data and is easy to access remotely via standard browsers.

KWh counter reset and change of settings can be password protected, and using DEIF’s free utility software it is a simple and fast job to configure and adapt the unit to fit most applications.

MIC-2 MKII & MIC-2 MKII DIN Features

  • Measures voltage, current/active/reactive and apparent power, frequency, energy kWh/kVarh, PF, THD, demand
  • For all 2- and 3-phase AC network topologies
  • Suitable for Power quality analysis
  • Measure Individual Harmonics from 2nd to 63rd
  • Min./max. statistic with time stamp
  • Customised alarm settings with 16 different parameters
  • RS485 Modbus communication
  • Optional communication and I/O modules

Please contact Product Manager Claus W. Jensen at for further information.