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What OEMs Need

Designed for OEMs & Standby Applications

  • Plug & Play Controllers for Standby Applications
  • Cost-competitive, High-quality
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Global DEIF Service & Support

Setting new standards in reliability, design and pricing DEIF has developed a new Compact Genset Controller (CGC) series to meet and anticipate OEM needs and provide simple, high-quality solutions for standby applications.

According to Product Manager Florent Simon the CGC series fills a gap in market demand. “DEIF is acclaimed for its high quality advanced controller solutions, but the company never really addressed OEMs’ needs for more basic solutions. The CGC now meets those requirements.”

Crucially, the microprocessor-based control units are not just cost-competitive but retain DEIF’s market-leading hallmarks and come with a three year warranty.

“When you buy CGC the whole DEIF organization stands behind the product,” says Florent Simon. “The CGC comes with the same type test stamps, the SW development team, and the excellent training and support you get with any other DEIF product.”

“DEIF has developed the CGC to the highest standards and we’re proud to launch this quality product.”

Choose between basic and more complex functionality

CGCs feature manual or auto start, protection and control of electronic and non-electronic gensets, as well as Automatic Mains Failure.

Monitoring engine speed, frequency, voltage, and engine running hours, the modules also signal warning and shutdown status of the engine or genset.

The controllers are highly versatile products with both fixed and flexible user-configurable inputs and outputs, enabling users to adapt the unit for a wide range of applications.

The CGC200 is a basic product for engines or gensets monitoring and protection on the AC voltage, frequency and mechanical values like oil pressure and water temperature,” Florent explains.

The CGC400 comes in two different variants and is able to handle more complex applications. Mains monitoring and AMF sequences, engine communication, full flexibility are the main words.”