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Product release: ECU 100 & GCU 100

Engine package suppliers, genset package suppliers and marine service companies specialising in retrofit will be interested to know more about DEIF’s new front-mounted and compact controller platforms, the Engine Control Unit, ECU 100, and the Genset Control Unit, GCU 100.

Built for basic control, monitoring and protection of marine engines and gensets, the ECU 100 and GCU 100 have been designed with performance and longevity in view and to secure reliable operation in harsh maritime environments.

The sturdy units feature protection, monitoring and control functionality with a graphic display for easy and accurate presentation of values and alarms.

Superior Quality

To secure market-leading levels of robustness, reliability and durability, the controllers are subjected to rigorous testing procedures to pass and exceed marine approval standards. DEIF’s test procedures include extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations, also known as Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT).


  • Engine Control & Protection in Harsh EnvironmentsEmergency
  • Genset Control
  • Easy-to-read Graphical LCD display
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces
  • Integrated Emulation Software Solution