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What makes the iE 250 easy?

Intuitive design with the user in focus

1 1 Simplified Design With The User In Focus

The intuitive approach of the iE250 sets a new standard for asset control. Touch technology redefines your interaction with control systems. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward as your smartphone, ensuring every command is at your fingertips.

Drawing on the legacy of DEIF, the 6 key navigation system is engineered for speed and efficiency, allowing you to navigate through tasks rapidly and smoothly. Below the display, six configurable buttons offer next-level flexibility. Forget the restrictive single-line views or static actions of the past, with iE250 you can personalize your controller interface to suit the unique demands of your operation. With dedicated buttons for Start/Stop, the notification center, and the control panel, your most-used commands are always just a touch away.



1 2 Display Features Transparent

An incredible performance with unmatched clarity and effortless control with the iE250´s 7-inch touchscreen, designed to shine in any setting. Offering 1000 NITS of brightness, this screen stands out for its superb readability, even under the direct glare of the sun. The bonded glass technology enhances the viewing experience even when seen under sharp angles and it also contributes to the screen's durability and resilience.

Crafted for both light and dark environments, our touchscreen intuitively adjusts its brightness levels, ensuring optimal visibility and comfort for the user at all times. Whether you are operating an asset on a sunny day or called out on a dark winter night, the screen seamlessly transitions between light and dark, adapting to your surroundings with precision.

The 7-inch touchscreen is more than just a display; it is an interface designed for the modern user. Its responsive touch capabilities and intuitive design promise a user experience that is as natural as it is efficient.


The user interface

1 3 User Interface Front Transparent

The innovative design of the iE250´s user interface reimagines the way of interacting with DEIF controllers. We are introducing a customizable dashboard brought to life through drag-and-drop widgets. The screen now truly belongs to the user, showcasing only what is deemed essential in an easy and intuitive layout.

Our interface is build up into three distinct layers, fostering a consistent user experience across PC tools and displays. With a single, unified design language, users can navigate through the system with ease so much so that the learning curve flattens dramatically.

Gone are the days of flipping through cumbersome manuals to understand different software. The iE250's interface is so straightforward, you'll find it second nature. This is the simplicity we strive for intuitive control at your fingertips, inviting you to CLICK and discover the power of understanding without the need for a manual. That's the simplicity of the iE250 experience.


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