DEIF 社区生活

Employees in focus

At DEIF, we always strive to be a good place to work. We take pride in establishing a social environment in DEIF that foster new social relationships between colleagues and support cooperation in daily work.  Arranging social activities is a high priority at DEIF. That's why we arrange a variety of social initiatives for our employees as well as activities where we include employees families and children. Our purpose is to create social relations between colleagues  

The second runner-up for "best workplace in Denmark 2017"

If you ask Pia Kalms, one of our warehouse employees, she would describe DEIF as the best workplace in Denmark. In 2017, DEIF came in second in the national competition for the best workplace in Denmark at the 3F labour Union’s business & growth conference ‘Vision Denmark’. A competition where employees are able to nominate their workplace. 

Well-being and staying in good shape at DEIF

DEIF wants to help its employees to stay physically active and healthy. DEIF, therefore, provides financial support for fitness activities. By teaming up with local physiotherapists, DEIF has their own little “clinic” at the DEIF headquarter that staff can freely visit during working hours. Our in-house physiotherapist also facilitates a light workout every Friday morning.

On with the sportswear

Just as schools have a sports day, DEIF also has departments that arrange half a day with sports activities. In 2018, our Global Operation department gave all their employees the opportunity to put on their sportswear and take part in a sports day at the HQ in Skive. It was a day full of fun, laughter and great enthusiasm from our employees. 

DEIF takes “biggest company team” for the fourth year in a row

Every year, DEIF participates in the fitness run 'Skiveløbet'. Two days where both the local community and local workplaces are gathered for a fun and enjoyable weekend together with good colleagues and their families. Two days where we encourage our employees and their families to come and take part. Each year, the DEIF tent also offers a barbecue, beverages and candy for the children as well as giving out great prizes for children and adults alike.