Blueflow facilitates invoicing, reporting and fuel consumption on 25 tugboats

We are happy to announce that Buksér og Berging AS (BUBE) has installed the energy management system Blueflow on 33 of its tugboats. BUBE is a leading supplier of marine services within port and terminals, ocean towage, offshore work and complex marine operations.

The Norwegian fleet owner has invested in the belief that Blueflow will reduce fuel, but also the system will ease reporting and invoicing. “Naturally, the fuel-saving aspect was of interest to BUBE, but from the very start, they were triggered by the way that Blueflow presents data in a clear way. BUBE also saw administrative benefits by implementing the system”, explains DEIF’s Sales Manager Per Ole Sørensen.

The Blueflow system enables accountants to generate reports for invoicing automatically. The report contains detailed information on fuel consumption and sailing distances. Despite facilitating invoicing, Blueflow also registers if one of BUBE’s vessels leaves Norwegian waters.

Overall, Blueflow helps BUBE keep track of its vessels, and the installation of Blueflow wallboard at the superintendents’ office keeps them constantly updated on the fleet’s status.

We have agreed with BUBE to make a case study to learn more about the experiences and results achieved with Blueflow.

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Solution Manager, Marine & Offshore and Engine MFG

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